DEI Identity Groups

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to fostering a culture of belongingness. One key way is by supporting our faculty/staff identity groups on campus by providing access to modest funds and offering logistical support or strategic guidance as feasible or desired.

UNC Charlotte’s identity groups are formed around a common goal to build community among its members and to promote awareness in the broader university context. Our identity groups also play an important role in fostering an inclusive campus environment, including contributing to efforts to:

  • foster inclusion and community through a support network of mentors, allies and peers;
  • educate the broader campus community on a minoritized group’s perspectives and concerns;
  • recruit and retain members of minoritized groups and their allies; and/or
  • advocate for policies and programs to meet the needs of members of nondominant groups.

Each faculty/staff identity group determines its own scope and priorities. They are not part of the formal governance structure (i.e., not a committee), but rather are sites of community engagement and formation. Current recognized faculty/staff identity groups are listed below, with links to their own websites or contact information. 

African and African-American Faculty and Staff Caucus

The purpose of the African and African-American Faculty and Staff Caucus is to facilitate, influence and provide guidance for educational, administrative and personnel policies that affect the welfare of the African- American & African community of UNC Charlotte.

Chairperson: Dr. Trudy Moore-Harrison,

LatinX/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus

The Latino/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus support community efforts that celebrate our diverse cultures at UNC Charlotte and in the region. The members of the Caucus work to enhance the community of Latino/Hispanic faculty, staff and students on campus.

President: Andrea J. Pitts,

Click here to learn more about our Latinx/Hispanic scholars on UNC Charlotte's campus. 

LGBTQ+ Staff and Faculty Caucus

The LGBTQ+ Staff and Faculty Caucus is a collective of LGBTQ+ students, staff, faculty and allies at UNC Charlotte working to achieve social justice through intersectional dialogue, engagement and action.

President: Carla Hines,

Native American Staff, Faculty and Graduate Student Caucus

The Native American Caucus is a collective of Native staff, faculty, graduate students and allies at UNC Charlotte working to support the Native American and Indigenous communities on campus. The Caucus seeks to provide a support network for Natives on campus, address the concerns and needs of Natives, and engage in work that addresses systemic injustices affecting Native American and Indigenous populations.

President: Michelle Stanley,

For student-based identity groups, click here.