Belk College of Business Black Faculty/Staff Affinity Group

Opportunity for Black faculty/staff of the college to connect and network.

Faculty Development Support for Inclusive Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides a range of faculty development (training, workshops, certificates, and teaching resources) to support faculty in developing and using inclusive teaching practices. Program is evaluated based on attendance and faculty...

Connect: Managing Career Development

A mini conference for the Black and LatinX Belk College Community , bringing together students and professionals. Event will include a keynote speaker, breakout sessions, and networking

Dean's Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Faculty and staff are recognized for displaying an exceptional commitment to fostering an inclusive environment in which diversity is understood, valued, respected and supported through the Dean's Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Individual and...

Diversity Toolkit

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide Belk College faculty and staff some ideas on how to create an inclusive learning environment for our students, while also presenting ideas and recommendations on how to be more inclusive as professionals.

Joint Faculty/Staff Committee on Diversity

This joint faculty/staff committee advises the Dean on matters relating to diversity within the Belk College, including diversity in the student body, faculty, and staff. The committee and the Belk College work to build an inclusive environment that promotes the...

Lunch & Learn: Belonging at Work

U.S. Businesses spend a lot of money on Diversity...

PD Meetup: How to Ask About a Company's Commitment to DEI

During this event, we will discuss ways that you can identify companies who are putting meaningful DEI support into place. How can you see beyond the website statement to find companies who display a commitment to inclusion in the workplace?

PD Meetup: Navigating Standards of Professionalism

During this event, we will discuss definitions of professionalism and evaluate the impact these standards can have on underrepresented groups within the workplace

Anti-Racism Graduate Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism provides a coherent curriculum that draws from four content courses addressing race and racism in professional or organizational spaces. The Certificate caters to individuals interested in an advanced degree that provides an...