Co-designer, co-director

A collective of people working to develop core knowledge and practices in Anti-Racism Mission: ARC promotes an understanding of race, racism, and anti-racism within systems Vision: We provide a coherent curriculum to address race, racism and anti-racism in...

Honors Diversity Networking Events

The Honors College supports 30 honors programs across campus. Diversity among honors students is uneven across those programs, leaving some students feeling they are "onlies" in the honors program, while others see/know numbers of honors students like them. This is...

Visibility and Inclusion

As the Honors College has become more diverse, we found that much of our visual culture remained white-dominated. Recruiting brochures, website, social media accounts, annual newsletters, speakers, course offerings, published student profiles, etc, all lagged behind...

Affinity Lunches

Each month the CGLL hosts a lunch for graduate students who self-identify as a member of an affinity group. Deans join to hear from the students about their concerns and challenges.

Culturally Aware Mentoring

We are adding a module to the faculty mentor training, which focuses on creating culturally aware mentors.

Diversity Research Showcase

Graduate students will present their diversity related research though a poster session. Special focus on research related to community partners is highlighted.

Diversity Scholar Showcase

This new program will select, award and feature research being done by graduate students in the DEI space. The showcase will place an emphasis on research that helps the Charlotte or campus community.

Equity policy review

A team of faculty are reviewing Graduate School policies for equity and bias.

Faculty Fellow for Diversity Initiatives

The Graduate Dean has/will hire a faculty fellow to work on diversity initiatives in the Graduate School.

Mentor Training for Graduate Faculty

Using the CIMER curriculum, trained facilitators lead faculty through a workshop that explores the best practices for graduate mentors, including aligning expectations and communicating across cultural differences.