National Origin

Atkins Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Atkins Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee will focus its initiatives on developing concrete steps for staff to increase their understanding of diversity issues and facilitating opportunities for broadening awareness of diversity as an essential way of...

The More You Know

Short information segments on diversity and cultural topics presented during Atkins Library All Staff Meetings.

Native American Staff, Faculty, and Graduate Student Caucus

The purpose of the Native American Staff, Faculty, and Graduate Student Caucus shall be to facilitate, influence, and provide guidance for educational, administrative, and personnel policies that affect the welfare of the Native American community at UNC Charlotte...

Equity Council, College-wide conversations

Town-hall meetings, subject specific, in which the Equity Council team helps facilitate college-wide conversations centering the values of Equity and Justice

Student Equity Council

We acknowledge the importance of our student body collective voice as we look to address not only our future as the College of Arts + Architecture, but as we aim to be a welcoming environment for all people and all future students. The students in this team...

APHCS Annual Diversity Speaker

As part of our strategic plan we will have an annual diversity speaker that will present to the faculty and staff in the Department of Applied Physiology, Health , and Clinical Sciences.

Discussing Diversity: A Place to Begin

Virtual diversity discussion focusing on suggestions, tips and ideas for talking to children and family members about diversity. By the end of the panel discussion, attendees will have insight into how to bring up the importance of diversity with their own family or...

Emerging Business Leaders

The Belk College is an investor in the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance's Emerging Business Leaders Program, a talent development program for diverse leaders. Through the program, Belk College nominates up to 5 alumni or staff to participate annually and college...

Transforming STEM Teaching and Learning Academy

The Transforming STEM Teaching and Learning Academy, a faculty-led learning community, was developed with these goals: 1. To introduce STEM faculty to the latest research on cognitive science. 2. To expose STEM faculty to a variety of pedagogical techniques that...

Equity Toolkit

Assessment project using a tool adapted from University of Denver's equity toolkit.  Assessment of department policies and practices to identify opportunities to enhance equity in department operations