Belk College of Business

Gambrell Fellowship Recipient

Awarded a Gambrell Fellowship in 2021. The research will focus on using employee ownership to address the racial wealth gap in Charlotte. This project has great potential to impact the long-term racial wealth disparities here locally.

Peer Guide Program

The Peer Guide program is a leadership opportunity for Belk College students designed to support the recruitment and success of undergraduate Belk College students, particularly underrepresented student populations. Peer Guides provide support to the Niblock Student...

Research Project (In progress): Racial Identity

This research project is a collaboration with researchers at Rice University and Michigan State University exploring a process model of resilience for minorities who have experienced race-based identity threat and/or identity trauma in the workplace.

PD Meetup: Navigating Standards of Professionalism

During this event, we will discuss definitions of professionalism and evaluate the impact these standards can have on underrepresented groups within the workplace

Dean's Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Faculty and staff are recognized for displaying an exceptional commitment to fostering an inclusive environment in which diversity is understood, valued, respected and supported through the Dean's Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Individual and...

PD Meetup: How to Ask About a Company's Commitment to DEI

During this event, we will discuss ways that you can identify companies who are putting meaningful DEI support into place. How can you see beyond the website statement to find companies who display a commitment to inclusion in the workplace?

Lunch & Learn: Belonging at Work

U.S. Businesses spend a lot of money on Diversity...


Career coaching, interview opportunities/job fair, and scholarship fundraising for students with an emphasis on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Faces of Belk College

Web feature spotlights a diverse group of Belk College students, faculty, staff and alumni

The PhD Project

To recruit potential doctoral students from underrepresented groups and support students from underrepesented groups considering graduate study.