College of Health & Human Services

April 3rd Film Screening & Panel on the Black Maternal Health Crisis: "Aftershock"

Join the College of Health and Human Services Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access (IDEA) Committee Annual Film Screening Event to view and discuss "Aftershock." This interactive event on Monday, April 3rd is being held in collaboration with the Charlotte...

Supporting Family Caregivers: Coping with Caregiving – Telecare Program.

Telehealth intervention for family caregivers of an aging population in the Charlotte area.

Spark Sessions Podcast

Joint effort between myself and a colleague at NC A&T University where we highlight the stories of doers and action takers who are solving social issues. This is a podcast that is published twice a month. We are beginning our second season.

Research Projects

1.Kaniuka, A., Job, S.A., Brooks, B.D., Guo, Y....

Class activity in NURS 2200 Ms Westman

For many years, Ms. Westman has had international guest speakers in her NURS 2200 class to discuss with pre nursing majors aspects of culture and growth...

The Impact of the Luton Social Prescribing Programme on Mental Well-Being: A Quantitative Before-and-After Study

Community based intervention to evaluate mental well-being among an aging population in Luton, England.

Testing a Multicomponent Lifestyle Intervention for Combating Childhood Obesity

Culturally-adapted behavioral health intervention for obese children in Qatar.

The association between having a preterm birth and later maternal mental health: An analysis of U.S. Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System data

Peer-reviewed publication: Barber, K. S., Huber, L. R., B., Portwood, S. G., Boyd, A. S., Smith, J. D.,...

Race and Social Equity Academy (RASE)

The Race and Social Equity Academy (RASE) fosters the scholarship of practice and research focused on advancing racial and social parities within the community. Along with empirical scholarship, race dialogue will be supported through intellectual discourse,...