Global Gateways Program

The Global Gateways Program is a co-ed residential-based programming model designed to increase students’ self and cultural awareness with an international emphasis. The Global Gateways Wing of Witherspoon Hall offers a central location where students curious about different cultures, global issues, and our world can gather in a comfortable, inclusive, welcoming space. Global Gateways offers a complimentary co-curricular experience that enhances any academic discipline area. Gateways residents will participate in organized social and educational experiences to increase intercultural competence and global awareness. Types of programs include international cuisine cooking demonstrations, country-specific mini lectures/presentations, foreign film screenings, volunteer options with the Charlotte international community, and more! Students do not receive academic credit for participation in the program. However, each participant will receive a "Certificate of Completion" after they complete their stay with Global Gateways. Please visit for more information on how to apply.

Elizabeth Moore
Coordinator for Global Education and Engagement