Race and Social Justice Working Groups

January 4, 2021 to May 30, 2023
Taking our cue from the Movement for Black Lives, our first priority is to dismantle anti-Black racism, which is reflected in the action plan attached. Expanding upon this, we aim to (1) identify and break down barriers to full participation of women/historically underrepresented/ Black/indigenous/people of color/intersectional/disabled people/LGBTQ+ people/international scholars and students/exploited people in our college, (2) begin building the conditions in which all of us can thrive, and (3) bring about increased awareness of the multiple worlds of human knowledge and experience. To begin to address these issues, six working groups will tackle anti-racism on multiple levels. These groups are: The Anti-racist Workplace Working Group works to ensure that the college work environment is supportive for faculty of all ranks, staff, and students. The Graduate Recruitment and Success Working Group works to improve graduate recruitment and success of Black graduate students. The Policy Audit Working Group works to find ways to make the kinds of changes in our college that reflect our commitment to dismantling systems of oppression, racism, and structural violence by working at multiple levels simultaneously. The Racial and Social Justice Faculty Research and Outreach Working Group work to encourage, recognize, reward, and support service, research, grant work, creative projects, and public projects dedicated to racial and social justice. The Self-Reflection Working Group works to engage in college and department self-reflection and self-reflexivity. The Undergraduate Student Success Working Group works to improve graduate recruitment and success of Black undergraduate students.
Kendra Jason
Race and Social Justice Advocate