Graduate School Ombudsman

The Ombuds service is an informal, neutral, and, in most cases, confidential resource* for new and continuing graduate students to raise questions or concerns about any aspect of their graduate experiences. The Ombuds does not advocate for any individual point of view, and does not participate in any formal grievance process, but works to promote a fair process for all.

What concerns can you share with the Ombuds?
Students share concerns about conflicts or communication with major professors, conditions with graduate student appointments, and academic difficulties. Here are some examples of concerns shared with the Ombuds:

  • Perceived irregularities with academic policies and practices
  • Concerns about fairness of process
  • Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior
  • Interpersonal disputes or conflicts
  • Stressful academic/assistantship conditions
  • Financial distress
  • Personal or family problems impacting your academic progress
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