At UNC Charlotte, we view diversity education and development as a lifelong process. In the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, our goal is not to "train" learners, but "educate" them by providing information to support them in their journey. Therefore, we invite you to take part in our many educational and engagement offerings such as online or in-person instruction, community DEI toolkit, campus initatives and events, and more. 


  • Create a culture of inquiry and innovation;

  • Facilitate co-constructional learning through ongoing knowledge sharing, reflection, and feedback; and

  • Center relevance over engagement by encouraging learners to explore topics based on their interest. 

Note: All learning opportunities outside of those associated with institutional compliance are NOT mandatory.


Located in Canvas, this online suite of diversity, equity, and inclusion course offerings are available to all of UNC Charlotte's faculty, staff, and students. The courses use current social science research in academic settings to introduce learners to skills for engaging with differences on campus; reinforce the skills and knowledge they already possess; expand options for engaging with diversity; and inform rather than direct decisions. Separate courses are available, which allows for each participant to learn personal, everyday skills relevant to their roles as well as foundational DEI knowledge. 

*You may also find the courses by logging into Canvas with NinerNet credentials and searching under Published Courses for "Training-DiversityEdu-Staff" and "Training- DiversityEdu-Faculty."

Frequently Asked Questions