Inclusive Excellence Plan

In the spring of 2021, Dr. Cheryl Waites Spellman, then Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, organized a core team of UNC Charlotte's faculty and staff to develop our campus-wide Inclusive Excellence Plan. The purpose of this plan is fourfold: (1) to create and promote a campus culture of inclusive excellence through shared language, inquiry, expectations, and institutional narratives in our everyday communications, processes, actions, and goals; (2) to serve as a roadmap for defining, advancing, assessing, and ultimately sustaining inclusive excellence across the entire campus; (3) to serve as an overarching framework for colleges, departments, and units to identify goals, develop and implement specific objectives to address the plan’s key priorities; and (4) build capacity to achieve and continuously improve upon the goals outlined by the University’s Shaping What's Next, 2021-2031.

Update: All IE plan changes have been submitted, and we are currently finalizing the document. 


UNC Charltotte's Inclusive Excellence Plan will serve as a blueprint for the academic and administrative units’ inclusive excellence plans. The overarching goals and priorities emerged from and reflect the insight and innovation produced by representatives of those units who make up the Chancellor's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. They are intended to support and enhance the unit-level plans. For that reason, they focus on areas where centrally coordinated and supported programs and initiatives will be most effective. The core campus-wide strategic goals are listed below.

Priority I: Strengthen Pathways to Institutional Access and Success

Enhance access, recruitment, retention, and success (education and career) of all students and employees–with an increased emphasis on historically underrepresented and/or minoritized communities. 

Priority II: Nurture a Positive Campus Climate and Culture

Cultivate, integrate, improve, and sustain a culture where students and employees feel included and supported across all aspects of the university. 

Priority III: Promote Inclusive Education and Transformational Scholarship

Provide innovative and transformational research and learning experiences to enable all students and employees to advance inclusive excellence and accountability across the University community. 

Priority IV: Sustain DEI Progress Through Investment and Infrastructure

Develop an institutional infrastructure to drive and sustain data-driven decision-making and investment around diversity, equity, and inclusion through systems, policies, procedures, resources, and performance measures. 

Priority V: Enhance Inclusive Excellence Through Communication and Shared Language

Provide and promote a clear, cohesive, and comprehensive communication of inclusive excellence at UNC Charlotte, as well as our goals, accomplishments, recognitions, initiatives, and innovations.