Diversity, equity and inclusion learning opportunities this semester

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels
Friday, August 20, 2021

The University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion will launch a set of online courses — Vector Solutions’ Diversity and Inclusion Courses — to provide all faculty, staff and students the opportunity to build their skills in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. Participation is voluntary.

Vector Solutions offers separate courses for faculty, staff and students. All diversity and inclusion courses teach personal, everyday skills appropriate to the learner cohort and their roles as well as foundational knowledge for the entire campus community. Course modules, available in Canvas, will roll out on a staggered schedule that begins on Aug. 23 with the first two modules for staff, continuing on Aug. 30 with two modules for faculty, and concluding later in the fall with students’ modules. Additional modules for all groups will be available in early October.

While there is no requirement to complete the diversity and inclusion courses, the University encourages faculty, staff and students to take advantage of this learning opportunity. One of the guiding commitments of UNC Charlotte’s 2021-31 Strategic Plan is to ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus with a goal to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, and differences are valued and respected. 

Vector Solutions, known also as DiversityEdu, uses current social science research in academic settings to introduce learners to skills for engaging with differences on campus and reinforce the skills and knowledge they already possess. More than training, this offers a learning experience that will expand options for engaging with diversity and inform rather than direct decisions.

When the courses open, they will be accessible by logging into Canvas with NinerNet credentials and searching under Published Courses for “Training - Diversityedu - Staff” and “Training - Diversityedu - Faculty.” Course modules should take approximately one hour to complete. 

For more information about the diversity and inclusion courses, email Office of Diversity and Inclusion at dei-office@uncc.edu.