Honors Diversity Networking Events

September 17, 2021

The Honors College supports 30 honors programs across campus. Diversity among honors students is uneven across those programs, leaving some students feeling they are "onlies" in the honors program, while others see/know numbers of honors students like them. This is our second annual slate of events in which students from all 30 honors programs are invited to network with each other and honors faculty/staff in four events: Black Honors, Latinx Honors, LGBTQIA+ Honors, and/or Alt-Ability Honors. We may also have a 1st gen event (pending). The two main goals are visibility of these identities in honors and fostering feelings of inclusion. The events are planned by students and faculty/staff who volunteered to create the event activity/focus. We will survey attendees afterwards. One key detail: Black and Latinx Honors are open to students who identify as such; LGBTQIA+ and Alt-Ability also welcome allies.

Malin Pereira
Executive Director & Professor