Community DEI Toolkit

Our Community DEI Toolkit is a growing online repository of resources and ideas created to foster learning, support active dialogue, and encourage you to stay engaged around topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This toolkit is also designed to promote self-awareness, reflection, and self-care as you navigate your own cultural humility journey. As you explore our list of resources, we encourage you to share our toolkit and stay engaged. 

Self-Assessment Tools  Self-Care Resources 

In this section you will find a collection of readings that connect to both historical and contemporary perspectives on various diversity, equity and inclusion themes. Many of these books can be accessed through the J. Murrey Atkins Library. 

Reading Materials

Films and TV shows can provide us with an opportunity to better understand the perspectives and experiences of others. Our list includes both fictional stories and nonfiction accounts. Many of the documentaries listed are available to view through our J. Murrey Atkins Library.

Video Resources

Seeking to understand before being understood is an important step toward advocacy and allyship. These podcasts are designed to provide perspectives for the listener to consider while educating themselves.

Listen to DEI related Podcasts

In addition to spending time learning about diversity, equity and inclusion issues, we provide a list of organizations to follow, join, or work alongside to further advance causes on campus or throughout our communities.

Programs and Engagement

In an attempt to drive inclusive pedagogy, we provide resources to support student engagement and incorporate diverse perspectives by providing course material to serve the diverse needs of all students, regardless of their background, social identities, or prior educational experiences. 

Teaching resources for educators

Making space for dialogue is essential. These prompts and guiding questions help participants to engage in honest, thoughtful, and reflective conversation with the goal of understanding one another.

Dialogue among friends and colleagues