Course Activities

MPAD 6311 Introduction to Nonprofit Management--data analysis to show the stark lack of diversity in the governance of nonprofits (e.g., governing boards members, board chairs, executive directors) and we discuss ways to improve this. Also, discuss a lot about how nonprofits "give voice" and represent those who might not otherwise have a voice in civic or public life and/or the policy process. MPAD 6330 Program Evaluation for the Public and Nonprofit Sectors-- cover topics such as cultural competence and different approaches to conducting evaluation which address power dynamics, lack of representation and inclusion, research ethics, and things like that in the readings, assignments, and in class discussions. MPAD 6329 Urban and Community Development--the entire course is built around examining the systemic forces that contribute to urban poverty and critically assessing the strategy of asset-based community development. MPAD 6188 --Research Applications in Public Administration-- if the data set permits (and it makes sense), students are encouraged to look for disparities or differences using socio-economic measures (e.g., race, gender, income, education, region, etc).
Cheryl Brown
Chair and Associate Professor