CONNECT Student View Communication Plan

Starting Jan. 2022, CONNECT has switch the interface for students over from the staff view to the student view which focuses on the features included in the Navigate Mobile app. It also has the ability to collect student self-reporting data via polls or intake survey. Students can indicate what type of additional content they would most like to see the most in the student view. One of the requested types of content includes requesting more information on diversity and inclusion events. Since Jan. 2022, 7,000+ students have completed the intake form and 12% (800+) students have indicated wanting more content related to DEI. We get at least 20,000 undergraduate students a year to login to CONNECT. We also have the ability to pull the list of students for additional analysis on the additional content they are requesting for further analysis which can include a break down of demographic information to support DEI initiatives.
LeeFredrick Bowen
Director for Academic Advising Systems