National Origin

Charlotte Business Buzz Podcast

Season 2 of the Belk College's podcast series focused on DEI topics. Topics included: Gender Inequality in the Workplace and Investing in Minority-owned Businesses. The podcast series is produced by University Communications.

Faces of Belk College

Web feature spotlights a diverse group of Belk College students, faculty, staff and alumni


Career coaching, interview opportunities/job fair, and scholarship fundraising for students with an emphasis on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Reverse Diversity Panel

Panelists made up of a diverse group of student members of campus organizations will answer questions from employers on the topic of Diversity, Equity,...

Equity Collaborative

Our program has created an Equity Collaborative designed to continuously examine the conceptual framework, practices, and products of the Early Educator Support Office. The Equity Collaborative, a diverse representation of our own staff, strive to ensure each are...

Inclusivity Career Meet Up Series

These Career Meet Up Series includes career community focused topics as well as general career topics all with an inclusivity focus.

Enhanced recruiting tactics to Kinesiology programs: Undergraduate through advanced degrees,

The purpose of this proposal is to request funding to support distinctive recruitment efforts by the undergraduate and graduate programs within Kinesiology programs that will connect with the underrepresented populations and ultimately result in enrollment of a...

Atkins Library Book Club

The Atkins Library book club focuses on diversity and cultural topics to spark conversations around inclusivity, equity, and awareness of human differences embedded in our society and culture. Originally part of the Atkins Library Self-Selected Group Development,...

Atkins Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Atkins Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee will focus its initiatives on developing concrete steps for staff to increase their understanding of diversity issues and facilitating opportunities for broadening awareness of diversity as an essential way of...

The More You Know

Short information segments on diversity and cultural topics presented during Atkins Library All Staff Meetings.